The High Seas

NOTICE: Due to a bug in the javascript in LiveJournal pages as saved using a W3C-compliant browser, it was necessary to write this page using an HTML5 function that is presently only supported in Google Chrome and Apple Safari. If you are using any other browser, all comments on each page will be duplicated.

The following is an archive of a parody re-enactment of the events of Konami's Suikoden IV staged by Akatokuro and Imbrium on LiveJournal

The original authors did set up an archive of their own, but it was lost with the collapse of Brinkster; since the Friends View of LiveJournal only goes back so far, the original format can't be restored, but the re-enactment was so brilliant and hilarious that I could not allow it to lie dead. It gave birth to many in-jokes used amongst my friends. I was not there when the re-enactment was actually going on, sadly, so you will see no comments from me on the pages.

With the demise of the original archive, I cannot present the story in its original form, so instead I've manually downloaded and archived each and every journal entry that took place, in chronological order.

The original authors may not approve of the inclusion of teleport_viki and cheshire_jyan, but I think they add a certain je ne sais quoi to the story; if enough people dislike their inclusion they can be removed.

So, go ahead, hit the "Next" link up at the top to begin your journey upon the high seas!

Bleys J. Maynard
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
October 10, 2012